Friday, 11 January 2008

Apple's philosophy

I wanted better to understand existentialism, so I looked it up in Apple's dictionary/thesaurus. It seems whoever wrote the entry didn't have a fully developed grasp of the theory either. Or did they? Was their cryptic allusion to a note that clearly doesn't exist a challenge to me, reminding me that existentialism is all about us creating our own meaning in life rather than finding it from others? Were they telling me that by demanding ready answers from a piece of software rather than thinking of them for myself, I wasn't ready to have those answers? Was this a wake-up call, calling for me to re-evaluate my intellectual life?

We'll never know: In the end I used a different thesaurus. I mean, it's Friday, people, and I don't want my computer challenging me more than is strictly necessary.


Magpie Val said...

I used to be an existentialist-nihilist, but now I don't believe in anything anymore

Susan Harwood said...
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