Monday 9 June 2008

Yellow lines

, originally uploaded by Alex Craven.

There has to be a better way to manage parking than these eyesores.


Unknown said...


I'm glad you like my photo. Thanks for the attribution, as well, but do you think you could ask before using it?

Cheers, Alex

Ian Walker said...

Sorry if you weren't happy, but you need to change your settings on Flickr. You had it set so that the 'Blog this' button was available for anyone to use, which rather implied you were happy for anyone to do so. You really need to turn off this feature if not!

rabidbee said...

Yeah, although the "(C) All Rights Reserved" is probably more relevant.

Anyway, going back to your original comment... A friend of mine used to be a local councillor in Merseyside. When the Council were challenged at a meeting about the amount of money they were "wasting" by painting lots of extra yellow lines in the area, they could only respond by pointing out the number of people who were parking within 10 yds of street corners, and elsewhere where parking is prohibited by the Highway Code. If more drivers actually a) used common sense b) followed the Highway Code and/or c) didn't assume that if it isn't specifically prohibited then it must be OK, maybe there would be less paint on the roads.